Energy and Related Products

The problem of climate change and its negative impact on the environment, make it imperative to produce cleaner (greener) sustainable energy, storing it, and imparting the power to a grid efficiently. We offer a number of solutions from solar (photo-voltaic) large and small, to wind generators of different power capacities, to refuse burning furnaces and steam turbines.

Wind and Solar Green Energy

Wind and Solar Green Energy Generators

We are helping to protect the environment by promoting state of the art solutions harnessing the natural elements to produce cheaper green energy without carbon emissions. We supply complete solutions for small home use, up to large wind and solar generating parks.

Energy Storage Batteries

Energy generated by wind and solar means must be stored and properly discharged as electric power in times when there is no wind or sun. Lithium-ion storage batteries are the most effective storage batteries, and we offer a wide range of products for every requirement.

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